Family Matters

Mutual Divorce

Where both parties are agreeable to settle their marital issues amicably and intend to dissolve the marriage and settle the issues of custody, care and control, access and division of matrimonial assets without resorting to litigation.

As a law firm, we will assist you to file for a Mutual Joint Divorce application and extract the consent order. We have a fixed fee arrangement for 100% uncontested divorce matters.

Contested Divorce

(Including High Net worth)

A law firm will help you obtain a divorce by conducting a trial. We will help you to fight for the division of assets, properties, and custody of the children.


We in law firm company will advise you on your rights and remedies available and with sufficient evidence, you can cite the adulterous party in the divorce petition and seek compensation/damages. 


This is an application to declare the marriage null and void in the event of :-


As a professional law firm company, We also offer mediation services for couples who wish to resolve their dissimilarities in a friendly environment. 

Other Services

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